CEN Yerevan Meets with YSU Sociology students

Saturday, October 27, Meeting at AUA Paramaz Avedisyan Building.

The projects to be discussed:

* Ethnography of Negotiation research (the work already done will be presneted along with a presentation by Elen Kerobyan)
* Genocide Reparations research
* Local training material (developing case studies, role plays based on
Armenian reality)
* Networking events (opportunities for scholars and professionals
interested in negotiation to meet and cooperate)
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Meeting with Slavonic University

CEN Yerevan has been invited to a guest lecture at the Slavonic University, for Ms. Arshaluys Mushkambaryan’s negotiation class. The lecture was on Thursday, October 25. The activities of CEN Yerevan were represented toSlavonic University students, especially our work on Ethnography of Negotiations. The lecture was based on the principled method of negotiation, seven elements, and negotiation strategy.

CEN Yerevan in YSU Center for Conflict Studies

Upon the invitation of the YSU Sociology Student Scientific Union, CEN Yerevan was hosted at the YSU Center for Conflict Studies. Engaging an audience of over 25 students into a discussion on negotiation, CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian presented the activities of the Center and how they impact the culture of negotiation in Armenia. Participants were encouraged to act upon their interest and become part of the initiative, joining the many AUA students who are currently actively working toward the Center’s cause.

CEN Yerevan held a training for qualified lawyers of Armenia

The Center for Excellence in Negotiation – Yerevan was invited by the Council of Europe and the RA Chamber of Advocates to hold a full-day training session for qualified lawyers in Armenia. CEN Yerevan Senior Fellow Thomas Samuelian and Director Stepan Khzrtian balanced theory with practice, and essentials with detail, throughout the course of the

seven-hour training. The session was divided into four parts, targeting the professional needs of lawyers:

1. Negotiation Styles: How not to negotiate.
2. Principled Negotiations: How to negotiate.
3. Role-play Exercise: Let’s negotiate.
4. Partisan Perceptions: What went wrong in my negotiation?

With over 30 participants, the training session can be considered successful, leading to a follow-up invitation to CEN Yerevan to conduct negotiation and ADR courses for aspiring lawyers as well, through the RA School for Advocates.