Training on “Negotiation techniques” for School of Young Leaders

Model Simulations create engaging environments for developing key professional skills – particularly in negotiation. CEN Yerevan has been invited to deliver a presentation on diplomatic negotiation, for participants of the Model OSCE Conference organized by the School for Young Leaders and the OSCE Office in Yerevan.
CEN Yerevan Committee member Nadezhda Tsolakyan related her extensive experience of the Model OSCE with the participants, shifting from negotiation models, to elements, to practical skills at the negotiation table.
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Launching the Cultural School for Negotiation and Communication

CEN Yerevan and Tsirani NGO have launched the Cultural School of Negotiation and Communication, in response to the growing need for special skills in targeting cultural issues. Through a series of lectures and workshop, the School trains over 10 participants the essentials of pressing cultural challenges, and how negotiation and communication skills can be employed to overcome them.
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Business Entrepreneurs Change the Game

Negotiation is an everyday affair in the business world.  Is business war and your competitor an “enemy”? Do you bargain against your bottom line? Is it possible to cooperate in business – does it make sense?
At a presentation for Armenian entrepreneurs, CEN Yerevan presented three “games” of negotiation — zero-sum, bargaining, and interest-based — making the case that the former two mean value left on the table.
Through practical examples and case studies, participants were invited to respond to a challenge: how do you change the game to interest-based negotiation?

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What do you think, Mr. Obama?

Historically, national efforts to achieve Genocide recognition and reparation have largely focused on advocacy by interests groups. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, it is imperative to rethink our strategy and shift the focus from advocacy to diplomacy.
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Police Trainings on Crowd Management Negotiation

The CEN Yerevan mission is to promote social dialogue and improve decision-making processes in Armenia, through negotiation training and services provided to key actors primarily in the public sector.
In furtherance of this mission, CEN Yerevan has established cooperation with the RA Police to bring specialized negotiation training to police officers most often involved in interactions with society.
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CEN Yerevan Team is Expanding

With a growing demand for negotiation training and services, CEN Yerevan is expanding its team with trainers and analysts. Arthur Martirosyan conducted a two-day train-the trainer workshop for a group of over twenty professionals, committed to advancing the mission of CEN Yerevan: promoting social dialogue and improving decision- and policy making processes in Armenia through developing the local negotiation culture.
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CEN Yerevan Establishes Partnership with ADR Partners

CEN Yerevan engages in a strategic partnership with ADR Partners, an Armenia-based firm specializing in Mediation services.
As the first phase of this cooperation, CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian delivered a three-hour training for young professionals on interest-based negotiation, partisan perceptions, persuasion, and negotiation dirty tricks.  Participants included professionals from legal, business, and diplomacy backgrounds.

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