Training on “Negotiation Techniques” for Model OSCE Participants

CEN Yerevan has been invited to deliver a full-day training on diplomatic negotiations for participants of the Model OSCE Conference organized by the OSCE Office in Yerevan. The training encompassed both theory and practice, focusing on the Syrian hot-spot as a case study and involving the participants into active discussion and analysis.

The training built upon the tools and skills presented to the participants, testing these in a simulation exercise developed specifically for the Model OSCE.
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Negotiation and ADR for Aspiring Advocates

After a successful training session in February-March 2013, CEN Yerevan was engaged again to deliver seminars on Negotiation and Arbitration to the second cohort of RA Advocates School trainees, over 60 aspiring lawyers in total.

Through two 3-hour sessions, trainees learned about the Method of Principled Negotiation, developed by Roger Fisher of Harvard University. Negotiations were explored from a lawyer’s perspective, testing their skills in a real-life legal case study developed specifically for the RA Advocates School. The essentials and dynamics of arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism was also covered, in theory and as applied in practice.
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