CEN Yerevan for Artsakh Government and Professionals

On October 18-20, CEN Yerevan travelled to Artsakh with the AUA Extension Program to conduct a two-day workshop series for local professionals.

Three modules — on Interest-based negotiation, effective communication, and coalition-builiding — were delivered to over 20 participants from the Artsakh Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Artsakh State University, local NGOs and businesses. Workshop case studies and interactive exercises were taken on issues of local interest, connecting classroom learning with real-life practice.
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Negotiation and Communication for Kotayk Community Police

For the promotion and better development of democratic policing practice in Armenia, the OSCE Office in Yerevan has organized a number of events starting from 2008, when the first local Community Police point was established in Arabkir district as a part of a wider program of police reform in Armenia.

As a result of cooperation between CEN Yerevan and OSCE Office in Yerevan, the idea of conducting negotiation trainings for RA Community Police in RA Marzes was initiated as the next step of better establishing the understanding of Community Policing outside Yerevan. After a thorough study of best international practices as well as visits to local Community Police points, a 2-day negotiation and communication training plan was suggested to be held in Kotayq and Tavush marzes.
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Negotiation and Communication for National Assembly Staff

For the purpose of enhancing the overall role of the RA National Assembly in state governance, a four-module training program sponsored jointly with USAID Support to the Armenian National Assembly Project (SANAP) and OSCE was organised, which included over 20 selected committee experts and MP aides. 11 courses were held in Yerevan in the course of three weeks in the period of September 17 to September 30.
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