Public Speaking for Debate Club

The Debate Club of the Faculty of Primary Education (Armenian State Pedagogical University) organised a series of trainings on Debating Skills, involving Public Speaking: Persuasion skills, which was presented by CEN Yerevan trainer Nadezhda Tsolakyan.

During the training, Nadezhda talked about the preparation steps of public speaking, various techniques used during the speech, and the basic components of persuasive speech.

The training was aimed at providing participants with practical steps, which will help them prepare and make a persuasive speech confidently, both during various presentations and debates, negotiations or discussions.
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“Negotiation: Art and Science” for Ameria and Ameriabank Staff

CEN Yerevan was invited to deliver a full-day negotiation workshop for the staff members of Ameria Group, at Ameria CJSC and Ameriabank CJSC. Two full-day workshops were delivered – in English and in Armenian – for over 40 participants, ranging from senior executives, heads of department, and branch managers to mid-level management and associates.
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