Workshop for Diasporan Youth in Collaboration with Ministry of the Diaspora

As part of its program for Diasporan Youth Leaders, the Ministry of the Diaspora invited CEN Yerevan to deliver a master class on the Art and Science of Negotiation to youth visiting the Homeland.

Drawing upon both his local and Diasporan experiences, CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian primed participants on cultural differences which Diasporans from abroad may encounter when negotiating in Armenia. “The society one functions in affects one’s values and, hence, negotiating style. Fortunately, Armenians around the world have the possibility of emphasizing common values, norms, and beliefs while negotiating, which helps lay the path to productive cooperation.”
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Armenian Culture of Negotiation for U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers

The U.S. Peace Corps has been active in Armenia since 1992, developing a wealth of knowledge and experience on local know-how over the past two decades. To contribute to developing this knowledge and to train Peace Corps volunteers in being more productive in local activities, CEN Yerevan was engaged to deliver a workshop on cross-cultural negotiation with a focus on the Armenian Culture of Negotiation.

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