Multiparty Negotiations in Model OSCE

CEN Yerevan trainers were invited to hold a two-day training on Negotiation and Communication skills for Model OSCE participants , organised by OSCE Office in Yerevan. The training was drawn from theory-based knowledge and practical observations on international diplomacy and negotiations.

Participants were introduced to negotiations basics, followed by everyday examples, during which active involvement of participants was highly encouraged. The practical exercises more focused on negotiations in the scope of Model OSCE, which included the techniques that can lead to the satisfaction of all sides’ interests of process.
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Presentation skills for LUYS Career Fair participants

CEN Yerevan trainer Nadezhda Tsolakyan was recently invited to hold a workshop on Presentation skills, specifically self-presentation during job interviews. The workshop was organised by LUYS Foundation and American University of Armenia to help participants of Career Fair get prepared for possible interviews by various employers across major Armenian and international organisations.

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The Neuroscience of Public Speeches

How do you recognize a leader? Is leadership only about charisma and inborn confidence? Can the way we talk influence people more than just possessing power?

The two full-day workshop about basic tools and strategies of powerful public speeches and leadership theories -in English and Armenian- was recently delivered for over 40 participants of Ameria Group staff members, ranging from senior executives, heads of department, and branch managers to mid-level management and associates.
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Master Class on Principled Negotiation

In line with its 2014-15 Strategy for Sustainability, CEN Yerevan organized a Master Class by CEN Founder Arthur Martirosyan, aimed at presenting CEN methodology and products to local professionals from the private sector.

Over 20 business professionals, primarily from the IT, telecommunications, and retail industries, participated. After an introduction on Roger Fisher and the Harvard Negotiation Project, the participants went straight to dissecting the Principled Negotiation Methodology, with a focus on the Seven Elements Framework. Acting as a demo to an actual CEN Yerevan workshop, the Master Class invited participants to take the hot seat in a tough negotiation with the trainer himself.

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Case Studies on Armenian Political Processes

CEN Yerevan is committed to localizing international best practice in the field of negotiation, to ensure that the case studies and examples cited during training and consulting sessions resonate with the participants.  In line with this commitment, the Center embarked on a three-month project to study, deliberate on, and produce case studies on Armenian political and decision-making processes.
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