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Negotiation and Communication Skills for Community Policing

In the framework of cooperation between CEN Yerevan and OSCE Office in Yerevan launched in 2013, a two-month project was initiated on the topic of Negotiation and Communication techniques for Community Policing. Given the successful results of working with police officers from Tavush and Kotayk marzes, CEN Yerevan was engaged in 2014 to bring similar […]

Coaching AUA Team at Mock Arbitration Competition

Given its certain advantages over court procedure, arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism of growing importance in international business.  It allows parties to settle disputes relatively quickly, in private, and outside of court.  Armenia as a country has recognized the efficacy which can be achieved through this mechanism and has established a legal framework, […]

Introduction to Negotiations for Model UN Participants

The Model UN Conference is conducted all over the world, and it was launched in Armenia in November 2000. Every year, approximately 200 Armenian students take part in this conference, which allows them to study the activities of different UN bodies, learn the structure of this organization, and to discuss many very important issues. Before […]

Public Speaking for Debate Club

The Debate Club of the Faculty of Primary Education (Armenian State Pedagogical University) organised a series of trainings on Debating Skills, involving Public Speaking: Persuasion skills, which was presented by CEN Yerevan trainer Nadezhda Tsolakyan. During the training, Nadezhda talked about the preparation steps of public speaking, various techniques used during the speech, and the […]

“Negotiation: Art and Science” for Ameria and Ameriabank Staff

CEN Yerevan was invited to deliver a full-day negotiation workshop for the staff members of Ameria Group, at Ameria CJSC and Ameriabank CJSC. Two full-day workshops were delivered – in English and in Armenian – for over 40 participants, ranging from senior executives, heads of department, and branch managers to mid-level management and associates.

Armenian Negotiation Culture in Folktales

The folklore of a people is the crystalized and simplified expression of its consciousness, expressing values, norms, and a way of life endorsed by the people, expressed through stories and fables. Given this understanding, and as part of its ongoing research on the Armenian culture of negotiation, CEN Yerevan engaged in studying Armenian folktales to identify […]

Negotiation Workshop: Strictly Business and Completely Legal

Negotiation skills are relevant for any professional — especially for lawyers and businesspersons. The LLM and MBA Programs faculty invited Arthur Martirosyan to hold guest lecture/workshops for the AUA Negotiation and Managerial Negotiation courses. Delivered to over 50 law and business students, the workshop invited participants to rethink negotiation: it’s not simply a test of […]

Social Event for Momentum Alumni and Friends

As part of Arthur Martirosyan’s Yerevan visit, a special Social Evening was organized for alumni and friends of the Momentum Program. The agenda for the evening included new developments in negotiation international best practice as well as a breakdown of the political developments in Ukraine.

The Winter of Ukrainian Discontent

CEN Yerevan in cooperation with American University of Armenia organised a discussion on current political situation in Ukraine. The speaker of the discussion, Arthur Martirosyan who visited Yerevan from Kiev, provided insights and analysis on the processes taking place. The new wave of public protests, taking place after recent developments regarding accession to the Customs Union […]

Welcoming the New Phase

Ամփոփելով 2013-ը` Բանակցության երևանյան կենտրոնը պատիվ ունի ներկայացնել 2011-2013 թվականների իր զեկույցը` «Նոր շրջանին ընդառաջ»: Սրտանց մաղթում ենք ձեզ և ձեր սիրելիներին Ուրախ Ամանոր և խաղաղ Սուրբ Ծնունդ (և իհարկե ոչ, սա ենթակա չէ բանակցության) — As we wrap up 2013, CEN Yerevan is glad to present its report for 2011-2013, “Welcoming the New Phase […]