The Art of Negotiation for Tempus People Project

CEN Yerevan was recently invited to hold a workshop on “The Art of Negotiations” for 25 Senior HR staff of Armenian universities within the project of HR Resource Management organised by the Tempus People Project and American University of Armenia. The workshop touched upon the specifics of HR negotiations and how the three models of negotiations can be effectively used in resolving conflicts and challenging working relationships.

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AUA Model UN Conference

On March 7th, 2015 the first AUA Model UN took place at UN House. This was co-organised by UNDPI and American University of Armenia. Graduate and undergraduate students participated in the simulation of the UN Security Council, during which the activities by ISIS against Yezidis were discussed. CEN Yerevan trainers were invited to conduct the negotiations skills development workshop for the participants. During the workshop Model UN ambassadors were faced with actual tough negotiations, where persuasion techniques, leadership skills and team play proved to be the most important steps for reaching consensus.  The workshop concentrated on interactive games, role-play exercises and analysis of multilateral negotiations basics. Read more

Negotiation and Communication Skills for Aspiring Lawyers

As the leader in specialized training in negotiation, CEN Yerevan was invited by Extra Jus Law Agency to join its pilot project for bringing crucial legal knowledge and skills to aspiring lawyers.  Targeting university students and current professionals alike, the project involved a range of topics from brief- and memo-drafting to computer skills, legal ethics to negotiation and communication.
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Cross-Cultural Negotiation during NATO Week in Armenia

Within the framework of the NATO Week in Armenia, the Extension Program of the American University of Armenia, in collaboration with the RA Ministry of Defense and NATO, has organized a two-day workshop on Cross-Cultural Negotiation.  Over 20 civil servants and military officers from Armenia and Georgia participated in the two-day workshop, delivered by AUA Extension Program Dean Dr. Arpi Balian and CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian.

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Negotiation Skills for Conflict Transformation and Resolution

The Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, in collaboration with the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, has launched a pilot academic course on “Conflict Transformation and Resolution.” The purpose of the pilot course is to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills on International Law, International Institutions, and Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills.

CEN Yerevan was trusted with the third component of developing Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills. Through a series of four evening classes, the CEN Yerevan team engaged students of law, politics, and international relations to think deeper on the dynamics which drive international conflict. Starting with an introduction to negotiation, participants embarked on a journey to dissect international conflicts to better understand the sides, their interests and motivations, and their strategies. The series touched upon topics of trust and relationship-building in conflict resolution, partisan perceptions and biases, manipulation tactics and how to avoid these, as well as multi-party negotiations.
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Multiparty Negotiations in Model OSCE

CEN Yerevan trainers were invited to hold a two-day training on Negotiation and Communication skills for Model OSCE participants , organised by OSCE Office in Yerevan. The training was drawn from theory-based knowledge and practical observations on international diplomacy and negotiations.

Participants were introduced to negotiations basics, followed by everyday examples, during which active involvement of participants was highly encouraged. The practical exercises more focused on negotiations in the scope of Model OSCE, which included the techniques that can lead to the satisfaction of all sides’ interests of process.
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Presentation skills for LUYS Career Fair participants

CEN Yerevan trainer Nadezhda Tsolakyan was recently invited to hold a workshop on Presentation skills, specifically self-presentation during job interviews. The workshop was organised by LUYS Foundation and American University of Armenia to help participants of Career Fair get prepared for possible interviews by various employers across major Armenian and international organisations.

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The Neuroscience of Public Speeches

How do you recognize a leader? Is leadership only about charisma and inborn confidence? Can the way we talk influence people more than just possessing power?

The two full-day workshop about basic tools and strategies of powerful public speeches and leadership theories -in English and Armenian- was recently delivered for over 40 participants of Ameria Group staff members, ranging from senior executives, heads of department, and branch managers to mid-level management and associates.
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Master Class on Principled Negotiation

In line with its 2014-15 Strategy for Sustainability, CEN Yerevan organized a Master Class by CEN Founder Arthur Martirosyan, aimed at presenting CEN methodology and products to local professionals from the private sector.

Over 20 business professionals, primarily from the IT, telecommunications, and retail industries, participated. After an introduction on Roger Fisher and the Harvard Negotiation Project, the participants went straight to dissecting the Principled Negotiation Methodology, with a focus on the Seven Elements Framework. Acting as a demo to an actual CEN Yerevan workshop, the Master Class invited participants to take the hot seat in a tough negotiation with the trainer himself.

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