Business Negotiations for Learning Hub Armenia

In the framework of Educational Talks, organised by Learning Hub Armenia, CEN Yerevan was invited to present Business Negotiations topic  for a group of young and enthusiastic individuals. CEN Yerevan trainers Nshan Matevosyan and Stepan Khzrtian talked about negotiation strategies and know-hows, which can be used in various business situations, involving multi-party negotiations, often taking place in business discussions.

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Negotiation Course for AUA Law Program

The AUA College of Humanities and Social Sciences engaged CEN Yerevan in the design and delivery of the Negotiation course for the Spring 2014 semester. The course was expanded into a 3-credit, 15-session course, delivered to a class of over 25 Master’s students of the AUA Law Program.

CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian delivered the course, with the assistance of guest lectures on Interest-Based Negotiation, by CEN Founder and Director Arthur Martirosyan, and on Facial (Micro)expressions and Body Language by CEN Yerevan Communication trainers Nadezhda Tsolakyan and Narek Ashughatoyan, respectively.

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Introduction to Negotiations for Model UN Participants

The Model UN Conference is conducted all over the world, and it was launched in Armenia in November 2000. Every year, approximately 200 Armenian students take part in this conference, which allows them to study the activities of different UN bodies, learn the structure of this organization, and to discuss many very important issues.

Before each conference, a number of workshops take place which help participants get prepared for the event beforehand. CEN Yerevan was invited to deliver a workshop on Introduction to Negotiations, conducted by CEN Yerevan trainer Nshan Matevosyan.

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Negotiation Workshop: Strictly Business and Completely Legal

Negotiation skills are relevant for any professional — especially for lawyers and businesspersons.

The LLM and MBA Programs faculty invited Arthur Martirosyan to hold guest lecture/workshops for the AUA Negotiation and Managerial Negotiation courses. Delivered to over 50 law and business students, the workshop invited participants to rethink negotiation: it’s not simply a test of will and tactics, but a strategic communication process where interests should be balanced with relationship — particularly if it’s not a one-off transaction.
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Social Event for Momentum Alumni and Friends

As part of Arthur Martirosyan’s Yerevan visit, a special Social Evening was organized for alumni and friends of the Momentum Program. The agenda for the evening included new developments in negotiation international best practice as well as a breakdown of the political developments in Ukraine.

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The Winter of Ukrainian Discontent

CEN Yerevan in cooperation with American University of Armenia organised a discussion on current political situation in Ukraine. The speaker of the discussion, Arthur Martirosyan who visited Yerevan from Kiev, provided insights and analysis on the processes taking place. The new wave of public protests, taking place after recent developments regarding accession to the Customs Union vs. the Association Agreement with European Union, put the Maidan under the international spotlight again 10 years after the Orange Revolution. Based on his discussions with several key political actors and observations on the ground, Arthur Martirosyan engaged the audience in understanding the interests of the involved parties, possible means of satisfying them, and what could happen if agreement is not reached.
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Welcoming the New Phase

Ամփոփելով 2013-ը` Բանակցության երևանյան կենտրոնը պատիվ ունի ներկայացնել 2011-2013 թվականների իր զեկույցը` «Նոր շրջանին ընդառաջ»:

Սրտանց մաղթում ենք ձեզ և ձեր սիրելիներին Ուրախ Ամանոր և խաղաղ Սուրբ Ծնունդ (և իհարկե ոչ, սա ենթակա չէ բանակցության)

As we wrap up 2013, CEN Yerevan is glad to present its report for 2011-2013, “Welcoming the New Phase Ahead.”

With this, we wish you a very Happy 2014 and a peaceful Christmas (and no, of course these are not negotiable)

Welcoming the New Phase Ahead – CEN Yerevan Biennial Report, 2011-2013

Negotiating with CEED Top Class Entrepreneurs

“In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

On December 20, CEED Armenia (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) engaged CEN Yerevan to deliver a special module on business negotiation, as part of its Top Class Program.

Participants were entrepreneurs from four target sectors — pharmaceutical, food, hospitality, and IT. Starting off with sharing personal experiences on business negotiation, participants were then involved in hands-on negotiation. Preparing in groups and then individually, the entrepreneurs started negotiating in pairs while three selected participants engaged in a one-on-one negotiation with the trainer, which were videotaped.
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Addressing Cultural Issues through Effective Communication

With civil society and public advocacy on the rise in Armenia, cultural issues are becoming a central part of the social discourse.

Addressing this growing need for professional insight and training, Tsirani NGO, CEN Yerevan and Zorakn Foundation launched the “Cultural Issues and Communication” Evening School, Fourth Edition.
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CEN Yerevan for Youth

The younger generation is the driving force of the society of tomorrow. Further to this conviction, CEN Yerevan developed and delivered a unique 18-hour workshop series on Negotiation and Public Speaking for a vibrant group of over 20 dynamic young analysts.
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