Case Studies on Armenian Political Processes

CEN Yerevan is committed to localizing international best practice in the field of negotiation, to ensure that the case studies and examples cited during training and consulting sessions resonate with the participants.  In line with this commitment, the Center embarked on a three-month project to study, deliberate on, and produce case studies on Armenian political and decision-making processes.
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Developing Leadership, Negotiation and Communication Skills

Sometimes during a debate or a discussion, we are absolutely sure that we’re right and the other person is wrong — but so does that other person.  Typically, this is how problems turn into conflicts, possibly ruining our studies, our work, our relationships.  

Why does this happen, and what to do about it when it does? CEN Yerevan trainer Nshan Matevosyan showed why things are not always what they seem, through various interactive exercises and games.
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How to Run Business Negotiations

Center of Excellence in Negotiation: Yerevan was invited to conduct a workshop on Business Negotiations, co-organized by Strategic Business Educational and Consulting Center and Yerevan Production.

 The workshop, highlighting a systemic and strategic approach to thinking about negotiations, was presented by CEN Yerevan Committee Member and trainer Nshan Matevosyan, who analyzed models of negotiation through a series of business case studies and practical steps.

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Workshop for Diasporan Youth in Collaboration with Ministry of the Diaspora

As part of its program for Diasporan Youth Leaders, the Ministry of the Diaspora invited CEN Yerevan to deliver a master class on the Art and Science of Negotiation to youth visiting the Homeland.

Drawing upon both his local and Diasporan experiences, CEN Yerevan Director Stepan Khzrtian primed participants on cultural differences which Diasporans from abroad may encounter when negotiating in Armenia. “The society one functions in affects one’s values and, hence, negotiating style. Fortunately, Armenians around the world have the possibility of emphasizing common values, norms, and beliefs while negotiating, which helps lay the path to productive cooperation.”
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Armenian Culture of Negotiation for U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers

The U.S. Peace Corps has been active in Armenia since 1992, developing a wealth of knowledge and experience on local know-how over the past two decades. To contribute to developing this knowledge and to train Peace Corps volunteers in being more productive in local activities, CEN Yerevan was engaged to deliver a workshop on cross-cultural negotiation with a focus on the Armenian Culture of Negotiation.

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CEED Armenia Workshop Series on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Pursuing the objective of further empowering women entrepreneurs and managers through negotiation and contracting skills, the Center for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development (CEED Armenia) has launched the Empowering Women Entrepreneurs workshop series. Through 13 sessions, the series aims to convey core skills and know-how to established professionals in four growing industries: High Tech, Pharmaceuticals/Biotech, Food Processing, and Hospitality.

The Negotiation segment of the workshop series was delivered by Stepan Khzrtian, CEN Yerevan Director. Through 27 hours of training, the participants went from the basics of negotiation and various negotiation dynamics (zero-sum, bargaining, interest-based) to the intricacies of strategic sequencing in multi-party, multi-issue negotiations. Given CEN’s methodology of practice-oriented, skills-development workshops, participants were engaged in a multitude of role-play simulations, interactive exercises, and structured brainstorming sessions.
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Negotiation and Communication Skills for Community Policing

In the framework of cooperation between CEN Yerevan and OSCE Office in Yerevan launched in 2013, a two-month project was initiated on the topic of Negotiation and Communication techniques for Community Policing.

Given the successful results of working with police officers from Tavush and Kotayk marzes, CEN Yerevan was engaged in 2014 to bring similar workshops to officers in Yerevan. A 1.5-day fundamental workshop plan was designed based on feedback from previous experience, covering the topics of trust-building, negotiation strategy, and non-verbal communication. The workshop culminated with a hands-on exercise, modelling a real-life situation which police officers often encounter: home visits, where honed communication skills are necessary to best serve residents.
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Coaching AUA Team at Mock Arbitration Competition

Given its certain advantages over court procedure, arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism of growing importance in international business.  It allows parties to settle disputes relatively quickly, in private, and outside of court.  Armenia as a country has recognized the efficacy which can be achieved through this mechanism and has established a legal framework, in line with international best practice, which facilitates conducting arbitration in Armenia.

Aiming to raise awareness on and promote the use of arbitration in Armenia, ADR Partners in collaboration with the American University of Armenia organized a Mock Arbitration Competition, challenging student teams from Armenian universities to test their skills before a tribunal of skilled arbiters.  The case involved international trade between an Armenian importer and Dubai supplier of alabaster, with a multitude of parties involved.

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Public Speaking for Debate Club

The Debate Club of the Faculty of Primary Education (Armenian State Pedagogical University) organised a series of trainings on Debating Skills, involving Public Speaking: Persuasion skills, which was presented by CEN Yerevan trainer Nadezhda Tsolakyan.

During the training, Nadezhda talked about the preparation steps of public speaking, various techniques used during the speech, and the basic components of persuasive speech.

The training was aimed at providing participants with practical steps, which will help them prepare and make a persuasive speech confidently, both during various presentations and debates, negotiations or discussions.
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