Negotiation Skills for Conflict Transformation and Resolution

The Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, in collaboration with the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, has launched a pilot academic course on “Conflict Transformation and Resolution.” The purpose of the pilot course is to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills on International Law, International Institutions, and Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills.

CEN Yerevan was trusted with the third component of developing Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills. Through a series of four evening classes, the CEN Yerevan team engaged students of law, politics, and international relations to think deeper on the dynamics which drive international conflict. Starting with an introduction to negotiation, participants embarked on a journey to dissect international conflicts to better understand the sides, their interests and motivations, and their strategies. The series touched upon topics of trust and relationship-building in conflict resolution, partisan perceptions and biases, manipulation tactics and how to avoid these, as well as multi-party negotiations.

Given the success of the pilot course, the Slavonic University and the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation will launch a full-time academic course at the University to take knowledge and skills-training to a more institutionalized level.


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