Negotiation and Communication Workshop for CBA Legal Department

In line with its mission to improve negotiation processes at state institutions, CEN Yerevan conducted an intensive 15-hour workshop series on Negotiation and Communication for the staff of the Legal Department of the Central Bank of Armenia — one of the first workshops to be held at the newly-inaugurated CBA Training and Research Center in Dilijan.

In preparation of targeted workshop material, the CEN Yerevan team met with the heads of divisions to better understand negotiation situations and communication problems that arise during everyday work.

Based on these observations, modules were developed on topics such as negotiation through cooperation, verbal and non verbal communication, negotiation culture, coalition building. Modules included interactive exercises, culminating in a specially-developed role play on the new compulsory pension plan reform, where participants were put in the hot seat to negotiate with the trainers.

The task? Persuading the trainer, who acted as a CBA staff member, that the compulsory pension plan should not enter into effect as is.

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